80 Brand New Anilox Rolls from Anilox Laser Technology

80 Brand new anilox rolls from ALT! Although we have always been stringent with our colour control, to ensure our customers get the best, we are overhauling our internal colour management systems. This involves the purchase of 80 brand new anilox rolls from Anilox Laser Technology and a new ink proofing system, the FlexiProof 100 […]

Further LED installation from Benford on 6-colour Nilpeter

Another successful installation from Benford of 6 LED curing stations. This time on our recently acquired 6-colour Nilpeter FB3300. A fast turnaround and simple installation has allowed us to immediately begin production on what is now our 8th press. We are fully committed to LED curing for both its cost savings on energy consumption as […]

Brand new purpose built plate-making room

Continuing with our ongoing expansion, we have created a brand new, purpose built, plate-making room which is now equipped with 2 C-Touch water wash plate processors from Fujifilm. In addition to this we have also invested in a new PRC polymer filtration system to help reduce water usage and machine down time. This will benefit […]

Work continues on our new site…

It’s taken 8 months to get to an empty shell of a building. Now we can turn a corner and start improving it rather than destroying it. Next picture in a few moths will the show the rewards for all the effort… Hopefully. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7150184431792619522

Installation of a further 6-Colour Nilpeter marking our 8th Press

Our 8th Press has now been installed. The 6-Colour Nilpeter is a tight fit in our existing space and proves again the need for our additional factory which is still undergoing renovations. As you can see we’ve already been hard at work cleaning every inch of the machine as we hope to have it ready […]

We’ve been rather busy…

Its been a little while since we’ve posted anything here, but as you can see in the video below we’ve been rather busy. This doesn’t mean we’ve not continued to invest and develop though. Look out for rather posts from us soon regarding the installation of a further press, expanding our platemaking equipment, and the […]

GEW AeroLED Curing System Installation

GEW have just completed installation of 2 AeroLED systems. They mark our final press conversions to the new energy efficient curing technology. Having already committed to transitioning to LED ink 12 months prior, Aztec Label is now fully operational running systems from 3 different suppliers – Fujifilm, Benford, and GEW – at a vastly reduced […]

2 x Additional ECR330 Vectra Turret Rewinders from AB Graphic

We have received delivery of two new ECR330 Vectra Turret Rewinders from AB Graphic, giving all 7 of our operational presses direct inline finishing capabilities. The ability to convert material into finished rolls in one complete system is one of the main reasons we are able to often swift and easy delivery times. Learn more