GEW AeroLED Curing System Installation

GEW have just completed installation of 2 AeroLED systems. They mark our final press conversions to the new energy efficient curing technology. Having already committed to transitioning to LED ink 12 months prior, Aztec Label is now fully operational running systems from 3 different suppliers – Fujifilm, Benford, and GEW – at a vastly reduced rate of energy consumption.

A full conversion to LED curing across our factory cuts down time wasted for lamps to warm up, enables operators to run faster due to more consistent curing, reduces maintenance and ongoing costs, and as we’ve been stating over the past few months, dramatically cuts our energy usage. We have been heavily pushing our sustainable agenda recently, and hope to now reap the benefits, safe in the knowledge we are doing our part for a better future.

We will run tests in the coming weeks, as we have done with every system installed, to determine the power consumption of the new systems which we can then compare to tests we ran on our previous UV curing stations. We will publish the results here and hope for them to provide honest and accurate results on the benefits of transitioning to LED systems to any who may be considering the switch.