80 Brand New Anilox Rolls from Anilox Laser Technology

80 Brand new anilox rolls from ALT!

Although we have always been stringent with our colour control, to ensure our customers get the best, we are overhauling our internal colour management systems. This involves the purchase of 80 brand new anilox rolls from Anilox Laser Technology and a new ink proofing system, the FlexiProof 100 with combined UV LED drying from RK Print Coat Instruments Ltd. All our presses will receive matching anilox rolls reinforcing our ability to match job’s from press to press resulting in maximum flexibility and continuity. The new proofing system with matching anilox rolls offers more accurate prepress ink mixing and colour matching, saving press time along with ink and material waste reduction.

Adrian from ALT also gave a presentation to our staff in our newly created training room, covering all aspects of anilox roll manufacture, cell structures, theory of use, handling and cleaning. This was well received from both new and experienced production staff.

As always there’s more to come …