Benford LED Installation

Benford UV have completed another excellent installation of a further 6 LED curing stations across 2 presses, bringing our total number of presses running LED curing up to 5. All work with Benford has been seamless and simple, making the transition to LED an easy decision to make. We look forward to reaping the benefits of this choice with high quality work, at faster speeds, and reduced costs.

For more information on Benford and the installation check out the below post of Made In Britain –

“Benford UV have assisted Aztec Label with the conversion of 4 of their label production lines, from conventional UV curing to LED UV curing. The web presses are from 3 different manufacturers and are of various ages, highlighting our ability to design curing systems for almost any web press…”

And for videos of the installation and Benford’s operation see the link below to their YouTube channel