Aztec Label urges others to join scheme to divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill

As the global pandemic knocked environmental issues from the top of many businesses’ agenda for much of 2020, one UK labels company is urging manufacturers to get behind a major industry-wide scheme in 2021.

Colin Le Gresley, Managing Director of Aztec Label, said that in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, labels businesses across the country should re-examine their sustainability commitments and join the Prismm ‘Zero Labels 2 Landfill’ scheme, which diverts thousands of tonnes of label waste from landfill.

“Although the environmental agenda has been increasingly important for businesses over the last few years, 2020 has understandably seen sustainability issues side-lined by many,” said Colin. “The challenges during the early stages and at the height of the pandemic meant that many had to prioritise ensuring daily operations could continue and meet production and delivery commitments.

“But as we emerge into the ‘new normal’, it’s worth remembering that many businesses that had previously highlighted their eco-friendly credentials found themselves with a competitive edge. For example, we help many of our own customers meet their sustainability requirements through our use of solar power at our Kidderminster facility and also in our commitment to sending zero waste to landfill from our labels production,” said Colin.

Colin explained that Aztec Label had been one of the first to sign up to the ‘Zero Labels 2 Landfill’ scheme, sponsored by the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF). The scheme is open to all companies that produce label waste and covers the whole supply chain. It ensures that matrix waste, glassine, silicon packing paper, waste foil on cores and set-up reels are diverted and repurposed, instead of being sent to landfill. Not only does this have obvious environmental benefits, but it leads to a streamlined and efficient waste disposal system, bringing cost savings to manufacturers as well as environmental and regulatory compliance.

“We were an early adopter of the scheme,” said Colin. “We immediately recognised its importance and since 2017 have remained members of what is still one of the only schemes in the UK exclusively operated within our industry aimed at eliminating label waste being sent to landfill.”

Jon Hutton, Operational Director of Prismm Environmental, said: “Aztec Labels approached us in 2017 with the objective of minimising the environmental impact of waste production throughout their business. From here they became pioneering members of our Zero Labels 2 Landfill scheme, which diverts label waste from landfill throughout the UK for use as a replacement of fossil fuels in blast furnaces.

“From here we began managing all waste output, from general waste, cardboard and polythene, to hazardous waste, ensuring each waste stream produced is handled and processed compliantly through the waste hierarchy,” he said. “Aztec Label continue to be proud members of the scheme, and receive annual certification from BPIF confirming their commitment to environmental matters within the printing industry.”

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