Aztec Label collaborates with Sandon Global to deliver print excellence

Aztec Label (‘Aztec’), Kidderminster-based manufacturer of high-quality self-adhesive label and tag products, has recently completed a standardisation project with Sandon Global, a leading manufacturer of laser engraved anilox rolls and sleeves.

The companies collaborated with two aims; to rationalise the combination of anilox specifications Aztec was utilising and to boost print consistency. Calibrating three Nilpeter presses, Sandon Global ran a variety of laser engraved specifications before settling on a combination engraving solution that delivered several benefits for Aztec. These included reduced dot gain, ink spitting and pin-holing achieving clean consistent print for combined solid and tone work. 

Colin Le Gresley, Managing Director of Aztec Label, commented: “The Sandon Global team did an excellent job on site working with our operators to secure a number of benefits during the project. When running the new aniloxes across all three machines, we reduced doctor blade vibration due to the smooth cell micro-finish of the anilox rolls supplied. We also managed to reduce our anilox inventories, which helps to minimise our operating costs.

“We know that Sandon Global anilox extend lifespan on wear compared to conventional 60º engravings, so this will support our cost position longer term too.”

Sandon Global Managing Director Richard Millington commented: “Aztec Label has a unique operation that benefited from taking a solution-focussed approach to the trials, before funnelling down to the optimum specification. This is a prime example of how collaboration helps both parties to drive continuous improvement. Our industry is extremely competitive so any process adjustments that result in saving time, whilst maintaining quality, are seen as key drivers for success.” 

The Sandon Global standardisation project is part of a series of initiatives the Aztec Label team has undertaken in the past year to drive improved print quality, consistency and efficiency. Remaining open during the coronavirus pandemic, the company has continued to supply the food & beverage, pharmaceutical & medical and hygiene product sectors with a wide range of high-quality label and tag solutions.

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