Aztec Label achieves European first with fourth Rotometrics Versa-Cut Investment

Aztec Label has invested in another RotoMetrics Versa-CutTM dual-adjust anvil making it the first company in Europe to operate four. RotoMetrics, a Maxcess brand, is the global leader in rotary die and engineered tooling solutions.

Colin Le Gresley, Managing Director of Aztec, said: “We have a great relationship with the team at RotoMetrics and were proud to be the first company in the UK to invest in the Versa-Cut technology. Now we’re delighted to announce we’re the first company in Europe to have four installed on our lines.

“With the range of materials we handle, and the production efficiency we’re always seeking, Versa-Cut enables our press operators to maintain precise control irrespective of the varying nature of each job. Having Versa-Cut on all of our Nilpeter presses provides us with complete die-cutting control, consistency and accuracy.”

Versa-Cut™ from RotoMetrics is a dual-adjust anvil that gives the press operator precise control of liner strike. With both parallel and single-side adjustability, it is designed to overcome the challenges associated with material inconsistencies, thinner liners, and uneven die wear.

Lee Hadley, Sales Manager at RotoMetrics UK, said: “The Versa-Cut is a great technology and has been received extremely well by the market since its launch in 2019. With the advent of thinner liners and the flexibility that printers need to have in supplying their customers today, it really helps with maintaining accuracy and control for customers like Aztec. Versa-Cut is just one of the many end-to-end solutions to optimise press performance Maxcess and RotoMetrics offer as the global leader in web handling solutions.” Lee added, “Colin and his team have been long-term customers, who have seen the benefits of being able to use the same tool for different substrates, as well as being able to reduce tooling inventory. We are delighted to see them be the first customer with four in Europe and to secure the benefits of Versa-Cut for them.”